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$22 BILLION for 120,000 Microsoft VR Goggles

Bottom Line Up Front: The US Army has awarded Microsoft $22 billion for 120,000 HoloLens 2 goggles. A brand-new area for business and product opportunities just opened up!

Yes, VR Goggles Are Coming

There have been Doubting Thomases all along who’ve said military virtual-reality goggles are never going to happen. Not ever. Too clunky, too fragile, too useless; just some fancy gadget that weighs down our soldiers with garbage nonsense.

Well, the Army disagrees to the tune of $22 billion dollars and 120,000 goggles.

A whole new world of opportunity

If you are in the fields of Virtual Reality, Enhanced Reality, 3D, or even videogames, an entirely new world of opportunity just opened up for you! The Army is paying billions to get these fancy new goggles, and now they’re going to want something to put on them. That’s your entry!

Ideas? The Army already has functionality that makes tanks transparent to its crew, and they can also display tactical info during action, And don’t forget the Army’s new 3D world standard!

To find out who in the Army is running this show, read this blog entry. Give them a call with your cool new idea; they’ll be happy to hear from you!