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A Diagram Of The DoD’s Digital Transformation

Bottom Line Up Front: The DoD’s Digital Transformation is vast and all-encompassing. It is not a small, limited, piecemeal effort. EVERYTHING is changing.

It’s so… vast!

One of the most frequent questions I hear is whether the Pentagon’s Digital Transformation is Air Force only, or Army only, or just about Agile, or only a matter of acquisitions rules. This unbelievably great diagram by Patrick Collins shows just how all-encompassing the DoD’s Digital Transformation is.

All branches of service are changing. Investment is changing. Acquisitions laws and policies are changing. Small business investment is changing. R&D labs and funding is changing. There are myriads of pilot programs, test, and trials. The effort is nothing short of comprehensive and all-encompassing.

What does it mean for me?

The DoD’s Digital Transformation is a thorough tear-down and rebuilding of all Pentagon acquisitions. There isn’t a facet that isn’t changing. Your organization must understand it’s not limited to one branch of service or one office, it’s happening everywhere.