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AFWERX Treasure Trove!

Bottom Line Up Front: The Air Force’s “AFWERX Accelerate” Conference Videos Are All Online!

Screenshot of AFWERK's page. Headline reads "Launching a universe of opportunity."


AFWERX is one of the Air Force’s startup accelerators (see their Wikipedia entry). They were created specifically to skip all the bureaucracy and turbo charge innovative new technology by small businesses and startups. They are currently spearheading a trainload of crazy new stuff, including —believe it or not— flying cars (see this Air Force article).

Ok, How ‘Bout That Treasure?

Well, last month they held a week-long conference where they talked about everything! Initiatives, future plans, results so far, ideas, and everything you could possibly want to know about! And now they have archived all their talks and materials so you can read and watch from home!

The AFWERX Accelerate conference archives are here:

There’s something there for everybody!

Videogame and CG folks, they talk about a brand-new initiative just getting organized called Gaming Prime that is right up your alley:

If you’re a small business folks, you’re going to watch these:

  • Air Force technology boss Dr. Will Roper talking about how he wants to help you go from small business to huge success:

Go Watch It!

Come on, it’s a golden opportunity just begging for you to take advantage of it! There’s a full week of talks for you to look through; I’m sure you’ll find something up your alley.