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Animation and Game Work

Bottom Line Up Front: Animation and game friends, there is a surprising amount of work in the Federal contracting industry.

The cover illustration of Richard Williams’ landmark book, “The Animator’s Survival Kit.”

For animators and Gamers? Really?

If you went to art school and got a degree in animation, like I did, you know exactly just how tough it is to find work. Landing that first gig is nearly impossible, especially if you’re knocking at the door of big names like Disney and Pixar. And once you have the job, you know that entertainment is a supremely unstable job, with entire staffs laid off the moment the show or game is finished.

Government Work, The More Stable Alternative

Believe it or not, there is a surprising amount of work with the Federal Government directly, and with the contractors the Feds hire.

Let me illustrate by linking a few job openings available right this moment in today’s job boards.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s careers page has an opening for an animator and a 3D game environment artist.

i3’s careers page has openings for an Entry Level 3D Artist and a Mid Level 3D Artist.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratories’ careers page has an opening for an Animator.

Prosoft HQ’s careers page has an opening for a 3D Artist/Animator.

SAIC’s careers page lists openings for a 3D Artist, and a Graphic Artist.

And, most interesting, the Central Intelligence Agency has an opening for an Interactive Designer.

These will probably remain online for a couple of weeks.

Fed Contracting: Another Place For Work

The takeaway is this, if you are a worker or a company in the game or 3D animation field, you should know there is a lot of work to be found in Government work. It pays really well and it’s more stable than entertainment work.