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Army Software Factory

Bottom Line Up Front: The DoD wants to be able to code its own software, so it is standing up its own “Software Factories” following Silicon Valley best practices.

What If the Army Wrote Its Own Software?

The Army, after all, does have a group of civil engineers - the Corps of Engineers – even though it does hire engineering companies. Yes, they contract work out to construction companies, but there is a central body of engineers that are active duty soldiers. What if there was something like that for software?

but Wait, don’t they hire contractors to do software?

Up until now, yes, but the Army wants the ability to create its own software if it feels like it. Remember that ordinary avenues of software contracting take years and oceans of money. The Army – and the DOD – want the ability to write its own software as quickly and efficiently (and cheaply) as possible. Especially if they need something super fast.

What will happen to software contractors?

Read the page; they have room for industry partners. But the overall lesson is clear: the DoD is taking control of its own software and no longer bound by cumbersome and expensive software contractors.