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Coast Guard Ships Get Wi-fi, Tablets

Bottom Line Up Front: Coast Guard ships will have super fast internet comms, onboard Wi-Fi and cloud, connecting tablets that will allow commander’s dashboards and jobs to be done from anywhere on the ship.

Remember the Internet-of-all-military things?

This is what it looks like. Everyone and everything is online, on the cloud, and able to access and see all the data all the time.

The Coast Guard has bought thousands of tablets, wireless equipment, and is currently building apps to enable commanders to view the status of the ship at all times, from anywhere. This is the new reality that DoD contractors must adapt to.

What Does it mean for me?

Are you a DoD contractor? From now on, as you build new equipment, you must think of it as living in a networked, wireless Cloud environment at all times.

Do you design mobile apps? There is a brand-new market opening up. Don’t imagine for a second that the Coast Guard or the Army has a ton of cool apps to go on those thousands of tablets; they don’t. If you show up with something cool, they will welcome you with open arms!