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Digital Engineering Contracting Has Arrived

Bottom Line Up Front: Digital Engineering is here, so is Common Open Modular Architecture.

Wait, what happened?

You remember how Dr. Will Roper gave his vision of how Digital Engineering would become the new way of doing business? And remember how we discussed that plug-and-play open architecture was going? Well, that day is here.

Two days ago, the Air Force released a memo for all acquisition saying that from now on, all acquisition was going to be based on Digital Engineering, and that all the technology was going to be open architecture and plug and play. It’s no longer future-pie-in-the-sky, it has now arrived.

The “Digital Trinity”

According to the memo, they want all future acquisition to have three things:

  1. Digital engineering
  2. Agile software
  3. Open systems architecture

They’re calling that their “Digital Trinity.”

What does it mean for me?

Are you doing those three things? It’s time to start. Your time is up!