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DoD Small Business Outreach: SOFWERX

Bottom Line Up Front: SOFWERX is the Special Operations Command’s red-carpet gateway for tech startups to bring them cool new stuff.


So the United States Special Operations Command, home to ultra awesome organizations like Delta Force, the Navy SEALS, the Special Forces, the Marine Raiders, Air Force’s Special Operations Wings, has an outfit to connect with hot new technology startups with crazy cool new stuff, SOFWERX. If you read our past blog entries about AFWERX and the Defense Innovation Unit, it’s just like that, but for the Special Forces.

Remember how in the James Bond movies, he’d always stop by a lab where Q, his super spy mad scientist, was inventing some crazy thing like laser cufflinks or rocket shoes? That’s what SOFWERX wants from all your crazy cool innovative companies with really out-of-the-box technology ideas.

It’s Super Easy, Barely An Inconvenience

In the past, all sorts of red tape got in the way, but remember, all that is going away with the Digital Transformation. So go over to their website and take a look around; they have a ton of things they’re requesting, and it’s pretty much all in their Tech Tuesday page. Go now!