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Federal Contracting is dead: The Digital Transformation – Part 1

Bottom Line Up Front: The US Government has overhauled acquisitions in a change known as the “Digital Transformation.”

You MUST Understand This One thing

If you are in the Government contracting industry – civilian or military – it is really, really important that you understand one thing: the industry as you know it is disappearing.

Really, It’s SUPER Critical You Understand This

So I will make it very emphatic:

Government contracting as you have known it is dead.

The laws have changed.

The policies have changed.

The contracts have changed.

The leadership has changed.

YOU must change!

But I haven’t seen this “change” you’re talking about!

If you’ve heard of “Agile” or “OTAs,” then you have begun to see the change.

If you have not, just give it a minute; the changes kick fully in at the end of 2021.

Yeah, so?

Your Government customer is going to change. Drastically. If you do not change also, you will go out of business.

But What If I’m Not In The Government Contracting Industry?

Well, this is your lucky day! All of those changes and reforms? They are for your benefit!

The Federal Government thinks they need some new blood and fresh ideas, so they don’t want the same-old, same-old government contractors they’ve always used. They really want new companies they’ve never had dealings with so they can bring in new ideas, new insights, and new technology.

If you have never been a Federal contractor, this is the perfect time to jump in!

So This is what the “Digital Transformation” really is

And in this series of blog entries, I’m going to go through the article I’ve linked, explain all the jargon, and tell you exactly what everything means.

Let’s kick it off with this quote:

As DoD’s chief weapons buyer, I oversee the acquisition and sustainment of a $1.7 trillion portfolio of warfighting and combat support capability that defends the nation.

One. Point. Seven. TRILLION DOLLARS!

That’s a LOT of dollars! And Ellen Lord is in charge of them. And she wants to spend them differently. She wants to give it to different companies and different people. That is an ocean of opportunity! This is industry-redefining!

If you have not been part of this industry, this is a HUGE opportunity for you! She is changing it to let you in!

If you are a part of this industry, this is a HUGE danger for you! She is changing it to shake you up!

So please follow this Digital Transformation series, because I am going to explain what it really is and how it can help/destroy your company. Stay tuned!