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Government cloud(s)

Bottom Line Up Front: Government vendors are going to have to adopt the Government’s new Cloud-based services.

The Government Is Going On the Cloud? Seriously?

Yes, seriously. All of it: civilian, intelligence, military; the whole thing.

The cloud is going to be an enabler of so many things: the internet-of-military-things, virtual reality, mobile, DevSecOps, UX, and an endless array of modern stuff that’s been unthinkable until now. If the civilian world can do it, the Government wants to do it too!

But it’s never going to work!

Noted. They’re doing it anyway.


Not only are they going to do it, they have already done it.

What About My Company?

If you are a vendor that sells digital stuff to the Federal Government, you will eventually have to get on your customer’s cloud.

But this opens up astonishing new possibilities that never had been possible before! Think of all the cloud-based products and services that the Government can now buy! A whole new marketplace just opened up!