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Internet-Of-All-Military-Things Demonstrated

Bottom Line Up Front: Lockheed Martin demonstrated the new “Internet of All Military Things” known as JADC2 by linking a U-2, F-35, F-22, Navy TTNT network, and Army IBCS network during a mission.

Every Day It Gets A Litte Closer

I’ve talked about the upcoming internet-of-all-military-things known as the Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) in previous posts such as this one or this one or this one. The key takeaway is that this future is coming, and it ain’t going to stop.

The Opportunity

The JADC2 is merely an enabler. What the DoD actually wants is the new, unimagined possibilities it unlocks. What crazy new things suddenly become possible? What previously impossible things can now be done? Those things are what the Pentagon is really after. And —this is key— those things do not exist yet. And you can invent them!

Go invent the future!