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Internet-of-Military-Things Ops Centers

Bottom Line Up Front: The Internet-of-all-military things is coming, and the Army is building its first pilot Operations Centers to kick things off.

The Internet-of-all-Military-Things is here

We’ve talked about the internet-of-all-military-things before, and it just took a huge step forward. The thing is formally called the Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) and, as you remember, the idea is to have everything military networked together on an ever-present cloud. Every Humvee, every tent, every soldier, every radar, satellite, helicopter, airplane, drone, sensor, laser, ship, submarine, building — EVERYTHING would be connected to a vast wireless network that would continuously exchange information worldwide.

how do you keep track of so… much… stuff!

That’s the tricky part. And that is what the new Operations Center are supposed to learn. These are the first steps in actually trying it out and figuring out how to do that. These guys are going to try stuff out and eventually develop and deploy new strategies and new techniques for monitoring and exploiting the vast new web of military information.

What does it mean for me?

The thing is ripe for new products! The internet-of-all-military-things has never existed before; imagine the possibilities! I really mean that, sit down and really think up and imagine all of the previously undreamt-of, crazy new possibilities because —this is crucial— those things do not currently exist and you could be the first one to sell them to the DoD.

A vast new field of unimagined capabilities are up for the taking. This technology has never existed before, so it is all brand-new territory to explore, develop, and exploit. Go invent it!