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IVAS Goggles on Aircraft

Bottom Line Up Front: Army continues to find more uses for IVAS goggles, this time on helicopters.

Remember the IVAS goggles?

They’re the military version of the Microsoft HoloLens 2 extended-reality goggles. The Army bought 100,000 of them last year.

Well, now that they have a new toy, the Army is trying out all kinds of cool new uses for it. This time, soldiers riding on helicopters can now get live video feeds from an exterior camera so they can virtually “look around” from the outside of the aircraft.

Imagine that, as soldiers approach a helicopter landing site, real-time tactical graphics and live video provide situational awareness of conditions on the ground. It would be invaluable!

What Does It Mean For Me?

The DoD is itching to find new uses for its fancy new goggles. This is a whole new dimension of warfighting, and a whole galaxy of unexplored possibilities exist! If you show up with a cool new use for their IVAS goggles, the Army will roll out the red carpet for you. Go dream some up!