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NASA Ignite The Night

Bottom Line Up Front: NASA is hosting an all-comers event to find cool new technology.

Promotional brochure for NASA's "Ignite The Night" event of March 9. 2021.

What, NASA? Really?

Yes, really. NASA in it’s “Ignite The Night” event is calling on all companies and innovators, large and small to come and show off their cool stuff. It’s in Tampa, but also virtual so you can attend from anywhere.

But I Don’t Make Space Stuff!

Well, take a look at this category:

X-Factor Innovations

NASA is not aware of all of the technologies that could potentially provide game-changing capability. If you believe that you have something that NASA is currently unaware of that will dramatically enhance NASA capabilities or, missions, or stimulate NASA-relevant commercial markets, then this is the category for you.

Are you making a crazy new “X-Factor” thing? Something NASA would never think of, but you know it would be a game-changer? Maybe it’s virtual reality. Maybe it’s some cool gizmo. Maybe it’s something that could be used in space. Then again, maybe it’s something that could be used for stuff right here on earth. Who knows? NASA knows they’re not all-knowing and they’re opening the doors to folks with innovative new ideas. Perhaps it could be you?

The Ignite The Night website is here: