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Navy moving Forward With Internet of all military things

Bottom Line Up Front: The internet-of-all-military-things (JADC2) is becoming a reality. Make sure your company is ready.

Don’t Wait for JADC2 to catch you unprepared

We’ve talked before about the Pentagon’s internet-of-all-military-things known as Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADC2 for short. As you know, it’s going to envelop every military thing with an all-present high-speed Cloud network.

There have been doubts that such a thing could happen, and some folks are uninterestedly waiting for it to fail so we can return to the old days. Well, the Navy disagrees, and they’re pushing forward with four tests this year.

What does this mean for me?

If you make software or software-enabled hardware for the DoD, an entirely new world is coming! Your products will now be able to have instant access worldwide to the Cloud. The possibilities are endless, and the Pentagon is interested in buying them, so go develop them!