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New Vocabulary

Bottom Line Up Front: There are new words and terms you’ll have to learn to take advantage of the new world of work and opportunity.

wait, New vocabulary?

That article I linked yesterday, did any of these phrases catch your eye?

  • Army Futures Command
  • Soldier Lethality Cross Functional Team
  • Soldier Touch Points (this one is really important)
  • Soldier Centered Design (this one too)
  • PEO Soldier
  • Combat Capabilities Development Command
  • Other Transaction Authority
  • Middle Tier Acquisition
  • DoD 5000
  • Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment 
  • Continuous iterations
  • STP 3

Note what Staff Sergeant Kaleb Kester said:

“Why haven’t we always been doing it this way? I hate getting issued things I don’t even want or don’t need or can’t really use,” Kester said. “This is the way it should always be.”

That right there is the goal of all of the work and procedures I’m about to show you. If you as a commercial artist or designer are going to enter this world and create things that make soldiers say “this is the way it should always be,” you are going to have to learn the new vocabulary I listed above.

i will Teach You

Happily, I will guide you teach you these new words and terms so that when you create a new UI or a new visual design for some Government project, the Users will say they wish it had always been done like that.

Front cover of "The Indispensible Dictionary of Unusual Words."

In the weeks and months that follow, you will learn new terms that will enable you to talk the lingo necessary to access the new contracts and new world of work and opportunity that the Federal Government has made available.