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“Platform One” Runs Live On U2 Demonstrator

Bottom Line Up Front: All that new software development stuff was demonstrated on a U2 plane running the Air Force’s Platform One software framework.

What is Platform one?

Platform One (their home page is here) is the Air Force’s software framework that integrates everything they’ve been wanting to do; DevSecOps, cybersecurity, Cloud, containerization, software factories, and everything else that the Digital Transformation people want to do.

The one wrinkle is that the thing had not been demonstrated on an actual, live mission. It’s one thing to have laptops in a lab running software, it’s another thing entirely to run it on an actual military aircraft in flight. Well, now it’s been proven and shown to work.

Ah, Ok. so what?

So what is that all of that Digital Transformation software efforts can not proceed full steam ahead! As the article says, they are now going to be certified “to change public policy.”

Expect those Digital Transformation changes to come ’round the bend, real soon!