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SECDEF Signs JADC2 Strategy Doc

Bottom Line Up Front: The internet-of-all-military-things is coming; if you haven’t started to prepare yet, it’s time to get going!

Remember JADC2?

We’ve talked for a while (like here) about the upcoming Internet-of-All-Military-Things that will network every single military thing into every other military thing. The point of the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) is that the Pentagon wants to have everything networked into an omnipresent high-speed military Cloud.

Well, the official strategy paper got signed the other day, and now the real work can begin.

Do you have anything to sell for it?

Because once its fancypants super-everywhere-cloud-of-everything is online, the Pentagon is going to want to buy products for it. Will you have any ready to go when the DoD goes shopping?

And, if you already make products for the DoD, your gizmo is going to have to connect to it. Are you preparing for it? Because it’s coming!