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The Blueprint of the Future

Bottom Line Up Front: Dr. Will Roper’s “There Is No Spoon” document reveals the future of the Defense industry. A must-read.

Read This RIGHT Now

If you are in the Defense industry, you have to stop everything you’re doing and read this document right now.

Why? If you have been wondering where the DoD is going, what the Pentagon is planning, what your company needs to do to prepare for the future realities of your business, Dr. Will Roper has gone out of his way to tell you exactly what will happen.

The Future Of Your Industry Is all laid out In This Document

There is no way to emphasize this enough; the future of the DoD is explained very plainly in this landmark PDF. If you plan to remain in business and stay in the industry, you can’t miss this document.

What is Agile for? What is DevSecOps? How about Digital Engineering? How should you prepare? What should your company do? It’s all right here in this document.

In the future, proposals will be submitted in the form of an interactive computer simulation of your product. Not binders, not papers, not forms; it will be a high-fidelity digital twin of your product. It is what will be evaluated by end-user soldiers using HoloLens 2 virtual reality goggles. And then, as the product is developed, the interactive digital simulation will be up-to-the-minute with the day’s work. When the product is shipped, it will be monitored and updated constantly over the internet-of-military things.

This is the future of the industry and if you fail to get onboard, your company will close. Period.

So, I Should Read It, Then?

Yes, you should! If you have any interest in what the DoD contracting industry holds for you, this document has all the answers you’re looking for. You cannot miss it!