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The Internet of all military things

Bottom Line Up Front: Are you creating products ready for the military’s new internet-of-things where everything will be connected?

Remember “the Internet of Things“? That’s where every single thing in an environment is on a network and can communicate with one another. In a smart office, for example, the air conditioning system knows the work calendar and adjusts at the beginning of the day. It might even start making coffee as people get to work!

The idea is to do the same thing, but with military things.

The Pentagon is working on a network called “Joint All-Domain Command and Control,” or JADC2 for short, to do exactly that. The network will connect every HUMVEE, every helicopter, every soldier’s smartphone and HoloLens2 visor, every missile, every radio, every computer screen and tablet, even satellites and fighter jets and submarines and everything.

That would be so cool!

It would be. Also, —pay special attention here— the apps and functions for this do not yet exist. And you could make them!

To be clear, the networking software is in the works; it’s the reason why the Pentagon is going to 5G. Big networking companies are taking care of that. But the particular apps or functionalities have not yet been built. What that means is that there’s a whole new, vast internet-of-things market that no one has entered!

Imagine, what would you do if you had an internet-of-military-things? What kinds of impossible things would become possible? Those things? The military wants to hear from you. They’re building this cool new playground, but they have no toys. Go make them some toys!