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The Opportunities you’ll discover

Bottom Line Up Front: This blog will point commercial art folks to business opportunities within the Government that they never would have dreamed even existed.

An Example

Three days ago, the Air Force held a day for small businesses to pitch ideas, technologies, and projects for aircrew training. They awarded $10 million bucks to the winners!

Air Force promotional artwork for "Simulators Pitch Day"

Link here:

If you are a CG artist, a UX designer, or any sort of commercial artist, take a look at that list of work that won contracts and ask yourself: could I do something like that? If you work for a small firm that does this sort of thing, ask yourself: could my small business could have done something like that?

The answer, I believe, is yes! There is so much visual design work that you could win, if only you knew about it!

My Task

My task in this blog is going to be to point you to those opportunities, to let you know what CG, VR, videogame, UX, or other work is out there that you could win! Or if you’re an individual designer looking for work, you could work there!