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The New Fed Supernova bizdev Conference in March

Bottom Line Up Front: This new conference highlights piles of DoD business development opportunities.

Hosted by Capital Factory (Who?)

Texas has become an epicenter of Department of Defense investment in small business. Austin, particularly, has become the center of tech development and new contracting. Leading this charge is the DoD business incubator and accelerator known as Capital Factory. Those guys help connect the big defense dollars with new startups, small business, and even inventors with cool ideas! Hooking up new businesses with the Pentagon is their thing!

So They’re Having An Entrepreneurs’ Conference

That’s right, Capital Factory is hosting Fed Supernova, which is going to be a big event to connect entrepreneurs, the military, mentors, and even $100,000 to cool new technology right there on the spot!

What If I’m Not In Texas?

No worries, the thing is virtual, and they’re wide open to all comers!

So if you’re a small company, an entrepreneur, or a techie with a cool new idea, hop in next month and see what Capital Factory can do for you!