The New World of work

Bottom Line Up Front: I’m starting this blog to share the new opportunities with my friends in the videogame, animation, and UX industry.

What is this all about?

As 2021 starts, I realize that a lot of my friends from ye olden days in the videogame industry, the animation industry, and the UX industry — I’m looking at you, Marty, Neil, and Garry — do not know about the astonishing new opportunities that have recently come into being!

Turns out the Feds are implementing new rules that will create unbelievable new areas of work for folks who never, ever thought they’d do work for the government.

How about an example?

Did you know the US Army bought 100,000 HoloLens2 headsets and is working to give soldiers extended-reality capabilities? Well, they did! Take a look:

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